Sean's Portfolio

Mr. Xing-Zhi Zheng [remaerd] is a Zhongshan based independent designer & developer focus on User Interface [UI] & Visual Identity [VI] Design.

He was born on the 7th of March 1987, and grow up in Zhongshan, Guangdong. During 2008 to 2009, He organized series of arts & design exhibitions in his hometown when finishing his BA degree in Nanjing. Meanwhile, he joined the Zhongshan Creative Youths Association and became one of its directors. In 2010, he began an apprenticeship in graphic design at the studio of Mr. Hong Wei [2010-2011]. Subsequently, he founded his own “A Software design and develop studio” [2011]. He’s a member of the Zhongshan Designers’ Association since 2017.



Created with Flash & ActionScript, this is my graphic design portfolio created at 2004, while I was a high school student.

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DoReMi is my undergraduate research project created at 2010. Is was designed as a Chorus Community for everybody to join and sing together.



During a design course hosted at Berlin and Paris, I self-learned and created a dynamic poster using Unity within 3 days.


I'm a procrastinator. And NoteMatter is my work in progress for solving procrastination.

0. Stack of Cards

Inspired by Poker stacks, the app was designed for managing all kinds of stuff. You can compose / read / move / delete your tweets / emails / rss news / notes etc within one app.

1. Fushigina Poketto

The project had been branded as Poketto 百事妥, and the entire UI / VI is based on the concept of a japan cartoon character Doraemon's Magic Pocket. I also picked a theme song of the app for promotion.

2. Panic Attack

Before a few days of my 30's birthday, I had a panic attack on my bedroom floor and I decided to pivot the project for solving procrastination.

3. Hakuna-Matata

The project had been redesign and reprogramme from scratch for the 9th times. Based on the concept of Hakuna-Matata, it had been rebranded as NoteMatter 无忧笔记

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